Valerie can help:

РAutomate your nutrient delivery system in a controlled environment

– Measure your current lighting and make assessments to improve plant growth

– Implement the latest indoor lighting technology

– Implement preventative strategies for disease and pest management, and train personnel on monitoring techniques

– Control diseases and pests using OMRI certified products and compost teas

– Introduce you to new products and procedures to grow more efficiently with higher yields

– Crop agnostic


Professional Experience

Two decades of large-scale nursery production, greenhouse management (Controlled Environment)

Propagation Specialist: seed, and vegetative-herbaceous, softwood semi-hardwood, hardwood, and grafting

Fifteen years as a horticulture professor

Curriculum specialist creating new curriculum with State Chancellor approval

International agriculture importation specialist, working for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Plant Protection and Quarantine