Valerie teaches her students at Fullerton College how to measure PPFD using an Apogee quantum light sensor.
Valerie participates in a course at the University of Arizona’s CEA advanced hydroponic greenhouse.
Growing tank-style Rex lettuce at the University of Arizona’s CEAC.
Oakleaf lettuce seedlings grown under Philips LEDs in Valerie’s hydroponic lab at Fullerton College.
Valerie’s Hydroponic class gets a behind-the-scenes tour at Local Roots, a indoor vertical farm in Vernon, California.
Valerie’s Hydroponic class harvests the first crop of tomatoes grown under Lumigrow LED lights in the new lab.
Valerie Loew and Dr. Nate Storey, founder of Bright Agrotech, discuss placing students in the Hydroponic industry at Local Grow Orange County Conference.
Valerie introduces students to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the greenhouse using natural control methods such as releasing parasitic wasps to control white fly.
Valerie’s students test the growth rate of microgreens under Philips LED lights.
Valerie helps the students harvest their first aquaponics lettuce crop.
Tilapia tank in aquaponic system used in class.
Indoor aquaponic design for trout.
A representative commercial aquaponic facility.